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From the smallest start-ups to the biggest international corporations, businesses of all sizes need a reliable service that can deliver the most efficient marketing results in just a few minutes and enable a constructive, two-way communication with their customers.

Benefits for business owners include exhaustive analytics and comprehensive user segmentation focused on simplifying sales and marketing with quality decision-making, as well as increasing customer acquisition and retention.

Campaign Freak has been designed with the objective to assist businesses in growing sales and saving valuable time, all the while maintaining direct communication with customers using SMS, e-mail and push communication channels.

What can ClickAttack offer you?

ic_long_range@2xA single smart tool. It is very difficult and nearly impossible to collect and measure user reactions using multiple tools, so it is not possible to realize optimization simply.

ic_long_range@2xNo spamming. Another thing that’s very difficult to control using multiple tools is the frequency of contacting users. If you’re spamming users with your promo messages all the time, you might end up losing users, or confusing them to say the least.

ic_long_range@2xMultiple channels. Some user groups prefer particular communication channels to others. Try different approaches towards the same target audience and see what works best!

ic_long_range@2xCampaign preview and storage. Check the quality of the content that you have created, preview the campaign on various devices and store it for later usage, or schedule broadcasts as event triggers at exact time in the future.

ic_long_range@2xData intelligence. Use various data about end users that Campaign Freak collects automatically in CRM, like device type, consumed content or their interests. Send predefined campaigns automatically to target customers based on their previous actions & preferences.

ic_long_range@2xPowerful analytics. Monitor overall campaign open rate, click-through-rate and effectiveness per subscriber, and keep track of bounced e-mails with our analytics machine.

ic_long_range@2xSmart integrations. Integrate your own CRM solution or other external systems with the Campaign Freak system, fast and cost-effectively.

Let's co-operate!

Campaign Freak is a direct marketing solution for creating personalized campaigns and communicating directly with customers using various communication channels. If you want to get your business running at full speed, contact us now!

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