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While you are reading this text, there’s an 80% chance you are reading it on your smartphone.  And what is more important: people spend more than 50% of their online time engaging in applications. What do these numbers tell you? Can you use them to improve brand awareness and complete business goals? You can with ClickAttack.

Keeping your target audience up-to-date is crucial in any business, and push notifications are a great way of doing that. When the push service is integrated with your application, it will enable your customers to get the latest information.

If you are a vendor and you want to promote a very popular item that is on sale, there is no way more direct than push notifications. They will notify specific users about your promotion instantly, by ‘pushing’ a notification to their smartphone.

What can ClickAttack offer you?

ic_long_range@2xThe whole package. Click Attack team is giving you the opportunity to develop the complete package at a single place: the application, the push notifications service and mobile campaigns.

ic_long_range@2xEfficiency. It’s almost impossible to go unnoticed when your ad appears as a notification on user’s smartphone. The efficiency of push notifications is similar to the SMS marketing channel, in terms of the open rate and the conversion rate. But it has an added advantage compared to SMS: it connects directly to the brand’s app.

ic_long_range@2xCatchy promo messages. Our creative team will come up with engaging messages that will spark your audience’s interest and tell the world what you want them to know. That will attract visitors to your website or directly to the store.

ic_long_range@2xAutomatization. Tell us your advertising goals, and our algorithms and our team will take it from there on. Based on prior events and other useful data, the system will make smart marketing decisions for you.

ic_long_range@2xPrecise targeting. Based on the information users entered in the application, you can choose which group you want to target. We will send your message to the right group of people for the best results.

ic_long_range@2xRefer people in their own language. If you have a multilingual customer base, it’s easy to modify your message for them. Use all the possibilities instant delivery gives you!


Let's co-operate!

If you want the users to see your logo the next time their notification alert rings, approach ClickAttack and find out how to implement push notifications.

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