Prize Giveaways

Participating in prize giveaways is an attractive marketing method because of the simplicity for end-users and the fact that it usually does not require any special skills. New businesses trying to build an audience and increase brand awareness will love it!

Prize giveaways function so that the participants only have to send a keyword or a code to a designated short number to win a prize, without investing effort or having to try hard. It is a very quick method of raising interest and engaging your customers!

Are you looking for a simple, effective and inexpensive way to increase brand awareness, acquire new customers and boost your sales? A lot of brands underestimate the effectiveness of a simple prize giveaway.

What can ClickAttack offer you?

ic_long_range@2xUpselling opportunities. Persuade a customer to buy a more expensive item off your shelf or to upgrade a product or service to make the sale more profitable for you.

ic_long_range@2xAudience growth. Offer an attractive prize and watch them apply. And then watch them apply some more! Prize giveaways have a very high audience response rate and will surely grow your customer base.

ic_long_range@2xCustomer loyalty affirmation. Regardless if you have already built an audience or a fan base for your product or service, or you are just starting out with a new one, the chance to win a prize will be additional motivation for your customers to stick with your brand.

ic_long_range@2xEfficient promotion. Everybody likes winning. Of course, not all of your participants will win the prize, but giving them opportunity to get a valuable prize will increase the probability of buying your product.

ic_long_range@2xSpreading the word. With the rise of social media, everything became sharable these days! It’s not hard to imagine your customers sharing the info about a prize giveaway organized by your store, is it?

ic_long_range@2xCRM database update. Additionally, running a prize giveaway is also a smart way to fill your with useful user data. Even if you already have a large database of existing customers, perhaps you are not using the data to your benefit.

ic_long_range@2xPromotion brings profit. Usually, running a prize giveaway is free for end-users. But it doesn’t always have to be that way! With a small game participation fee, you can run a campaign for free, and in some cases even realize surplus.

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Bring your brand under the spotlight with a prize giveaway service. In this win-win scenario, you motivate the customers by giving away valuable prizes and lead them right to your shop.

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